Capcom USA's 1991© Street Fighter II: The World Warriors
Includes a preview animation (running on an approximately 90 second cycle) which pictures an Aryan white youth punching out a young black man before a cheering crowd of white people (in NY?) This scene, among Manhattan styled highrises fades and eager game players are treated to one of several fight locales. Including Japanese bath (decorated with Sharaku portrait), an Indian temple populated by elephants, a scenic Japanese warf, and an American Air Force base. In spite of these multi-cultural venues, people are mysteriously absent from all the scenes except those with American settings. Players select from fight combatants who include a sumo wrestler, a blonde muscleman, and several anthropomorphic beasts. Settings engage the baldest stereotypes and symbols, relying on military insignias (America) and flags (rising sun) to convey locale. I'm told by reputable game playing sources that one of the characters is female--Chun Li (trademark chant: Ya, ya!), though it struck me as rather androgynous.