Which browsers work?
How do I make it work for my screen size?
Marginally helpful tips.
Fast and slow graphics modes.


The 2.0 version of Netscape works with the SGI, and I believe for Suns and PCs. If you discover problems with non-SGI Netscape, please let me know! Netscape is free if you're associated with a school. Otherwise, you can use the Sun appletviewer in their Developer's kit to view applets (available here.) The Mac JDK (java developer's kit) viewer and Mac Java Beta 2.0 Netscape sometimes have trouble with this application. I recommend that you clear your cache and have at least 10Mb cache available for Mac Java Beta 2.0 Netscape.

Screen Sizes

This was developed to fill a 1024x1024 pixel screen space. If you have a smaller screen, I'm sorry. I am developing a mecanism by which your interaction will determine to some extent which drawings arrive next, which will allow me to differentiate for screen size where the action is...


1. Don't expect a whole lot.
2. Don't be too impatient if you have a slow line (I doubt you have a slower one than me).
3. E-mail me your questions, because this thing seems self evident to me.
4. You may have troubles that I haven't encountered, so please send me a bug report.

Graphics modes

There are two graphics modes. The default will use an offscreen buffer to refresh the screen if you resize or move the window. The second is faster, but lacks this functionality. Also, you may lose parts of the left hand side of the drawing when the menu bar opens if you are in the "Fast Loosa" mode. The animation seems to be about the same in both modes, but the tools are noticeably quicker in the unbuffered mode.