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When the war ended, Jackson and friends of his began buying up the seized Creek lands. He got himself appointed treaty commissioner and dictated a treaty which took away half the land of the Creek nation. Rogin says it was "the largest single Indian cession of southern American land." It took land from Creeks who had fought with Jackson as well as those who had fought against him, and when Big Warrior, a chief of the friendly Creeks, protested, Jackson said:
    Listen....The United States would have been justified by the Great Spirit, had they taken all the land of the nation....Listen--the truth is, the great body of the Creek chiefs and warriors did not respect the power of the United States--They thought we were an insignificant nation--that we would be overpowered by the British....They were fat with eating beef-- they wanted flogging....We bleed our enemies in such cases to give them their senses. 0