Artcontext has endorsed the Green Party in 2000 

It's unlikely Ralph Nader will ever be president of the United States, 
but he has challenged Americans to do the work that is necessary to 
establish a fairer election process. A vote for the Green Party in the
upcoming election will not only, hopefully, garner the 5% needed to
obtain matching government funding in 2004, it may also send a
signal to young voters that there is a way out of the two party
system that has become so constrictive. Nader has focused his
campaign on colleges and universities because his mission is not
just about this election year. Democratic and Republican support of
the hawkish Plan Colombia, as well as their indistinguishable
posture toward corporate globalism, dictate that voters of
conscience depart from the politics of fear that dominates mass
media coverage of the election. Building Green media resources: Political satire:
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