Thu Jun 22, 2000 

Free Love for Gary Graham -- 

Gary Graham, a.k.a.  Shaka Sankofa may be executed later today in Texas. 
According to people working on his behalf, there is ample reason to suggest 
that he was not guilty when, at age 17, he was identified by a single
eye witness. The witness, Bernadine Skillern, who apparently saw an
assailant from a distance for a very brief time, identified Gary in
a line up. Other eye witnesses did not identify him. On this
evidence alone, he may be executed today barring a G.W. Bush
reversal. Contact information for G.W. Bush is listed below. 
Governor George W.  Bush: 512-463-2000 
Fax Governor George W. Bush: 512-463-1849 

In a letter obtained by the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Texas Sen. 
Rodney Ellis wrote "Serious concerns have been raised about the Gary 
Graham case" (Source: Last minute pressure may still have 
some effect. It is hoped that even if this execution is carried out, the 
American electorate will become aware that G.W. Bush's idea of justice
involves the execution of juveniles convicted under suspicious

Further information about Graham's case can be found
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