, + .    ** FOR IMMEDIATE **
  /|\|/|\   * RELEASE 3/01/00 *
  \|/|\|/     Net Composition
   ` + '      and Culture Map

  CultureMap is a visualization 
of proportion, disproportion, 
direction, and indirection in 
the content and no-content of 
the World Wide Web portals.
Taking the most common starting-
point categories (e.g. Business, 
Autos, Entertainment), CultureMap 
samples a variety of search 
engines to build an illustration 
of the prevalence of each term 
in the pages of the Web. Visitors 
substitute their own top-level 
terms, trying alternative portal 
categories, some of which may 
reflect more accurately the content 
of the Web.
  Joining abstract design with
representation of the information
landscape, the CultureMap depicts 
the evolution of Web content in the 
form of a dynamic color composition.  
Over time the shifting composition of 
available information will be visible 
as a time-lapse movie.
  Made by media artist Andy Deck, the 
founder of Artcontext.org, this work 
is a 2000 commission of Turbulence, 
with funding from the Greenwall 
Foundation.  It can be found at: