Ideogram Part 2 - Graffiti and Hackers (autonomy and identity)
September 13-October 8, 2000 Tuesday-Friday 10am-3pm or by appointment
Opening reception: Wednesday, September 13, 2000 6-9pm

Ideogram Part 2 explores the uses of the web as a
collaborative environment. The participating artists: Andy Deck, Mark
Napier, and, use collaboration, appropriation, collage and 
territorial marking to redefine the relationship of public and commercial 

To participate through web go to

!        Or go directly to Open Studio on  
!        The online "studio space" will be projected in the gallery 
!        Wednesday night during the opening.  There will be a digital 
!        whiteboard for people to scribble on, which will send their 
!        drawings onto the Internet, into the online Open Studio.  
!        Hopefully the gallery scene will be enhanced by participation 
!        from afar (hint hint!).  That's Wed. 6-9pm east-coast time in the USA.

There will also be a discussion involving the artists, Andy Deck and Mark
Napier.  September 20, 2000 at 7-9pm @ Moving Image Gallery.

Moving Image Gallery
414 Broadway #3
NY, NY 10003

Ideogram Part 2 features:

Deck- Open Studio seeks to occupy and articulate a middle ground between
art and interactive entertainment, between communication and creativity,
and between independent and collaborative expression. Deck's web project
Artcontext explores the hybrid phenomena like network-drawing spaces,
game-like search engines, written pictures, and informative art.

Napier- Digital Landfill, an archive of digital debris, explores the fine
line between art and debris. The work continually mutates as visitors
'discard' text and images. Each contribution represents a choice, an
evaluation of what 'belongs' in the work. The Landfill, like the web, is
a cumulative group effort. Deconstructing Beck is a popular glorification of corporate
power, in hopes to spark dialogue on corporate wrongs through the misguided
form of techno-utopianism. Deconstructing Beck is the latest of more than
twenty sabotage projects made possible by RTMARK since its beginnings in

Collaborating in this project with the artists and Michele N. Thursz of
Moving Image Gallery is Steve Williams. Williams an exhibiting artist was
educated at the University of Illinois School of Architecture and at The
School of the Art Institute of Chicago. He was a member of the Randolph
Street Gallery (Chicago) exhibitions committee, where he curated shows and
helped in the realization of individual artists' projects.