Artcontext Annual 2003

From a summer of unwelcome data-trashing by humorless crackers, through a crashing fall of hardware failure, Artcontext spins on nevertheless. Here's a review of the newest bits.

-- Andy Deck

2004 Artcontext Calendar

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  Crash Calendar

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If dizzyingly diverse content packs more power to please, PLUG / INVENTORY pursues the theoretical limits of pleasure in online experience. Leveraging the latest in cool media options, this is a constantly adapting work that depends on every available technology.

Reaching out through digital aesthetics to give a one-finger salute to the Bush mafia.
  Art For Peace

The broken
media game.
Tune in.  Kick back.  Break out.

Reconstructing public space: As computer interfaces become more three-dimensional and immersive, can a public space be carved out of a maze of privatized softare?   Collabyrinth

  PsyOp-art: 10,000 dead civilians can't be wrong, or right.

Vive le cadavre exquis!  
Ceci n'est pas un mensonge...