Artcontext Annual 2005

Here's a list of new work you may like to peruse. I've read that and media art are now in a period of stagnation, so I'm doing my best to keep moving — most recently to Turkey, where I'm now living and working.

—   Andy Deck

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Imprimatur A free, online tool for producing posters. Users contribute to a poster layout via their web browser. The results are as unpredictable as the people who are passing through. Imprimatur propels online creativity out the ink jet and into the streets.

Panel Junction combines the graphic novel with forms of shared authorship that are unique to the Internet. Contributions from visitors to the site will culminate in a free document suitable for printing with a standard ink-jet printer.   PANEL JUNCTION

  Expand your browser window for this audio-visual reportage from the December 3rd global day of climate action. See also

Two interviews with Andy Deck, with questions from Maia Mau and Maria Dubini.  
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