Aquanode 2006 — one of a series of 21st-century Earth Art projects from Transnational Temps was realized in August, 2006, on the coast of western Turkey. Coordinated by Andy Deck (artcontext.net), the Aquanode 2006 project used the sunken city of Myndos as a context to explore public attitudes towards the environment. Voice recordings were sealed into buoyant earth globes and released into the Aegean sea in the style of a (digital) message in a bottle.

Aquanode online

Transnational Temps was formed by Deck, Fred Adam, and Veronica Perales in 2000. More information about Aquanode can be found on the web at transnationaltemps.net and terranode.org

Aquanode was accomplished with the assistance of the Istanbul Museum (istanbulmuseum.org) and participants in the Myndos workshops.

Aquanode is also featured in the 2007 Artcontext Calendar!