Artcontext Annual 2006

In case you missed them, here are some of the bytes that flew out of Andyland this year.

—   Andy Deck

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Screening Circle

Screening Circle adapts the idea of the quilting circle into an online forum for producing motion graphics. Visitors to the site can enter a drawing area to compose loops of graphics. The results are on view instantaneously and archived for posterity.

ASCII of Mass Destruction Operation Iraqi Freedom didn't find any weapons of mass destruction, but it did distribute enough old weapons research documents to arouse objections from the International Atomic Energy Agency. In this tribute to the hypocrisy, see how Iraqi representational conventions borrowed from the typographical arts of the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.   Art of War

21st c. earthenware   Aquanode 2006 one of a series of 21st-century Earth Art projects from Transnational Temps was realized in August, 2006, on the coast of western Turkey. Aquanode used the sunken city of Myndos as a context to explore public attitudes towards the environment. Voice recordings were sealed into buoyant earth globes and released into the Aegean sea in the style of a (digital) message in a bottle.

Miniartextil installation in Como, Italy.   Projection

Squadron of fun   Open Vice/Virtue The Online Art Context - an exhibition at HTTP Gallery in London.

Art and Activism show at Mejan Labs, Sweden.   Not a role model

Ted Stevens is ignorant   Some of you may recall that during this year I sent mail in support of Net Neutrality. Geov Parrish in his annual column listed "Massive Grass Roots Win on Net Neutrality" as one of the year's most underreported stories. This seems like premature celebration to me, but it's true that the Democrats now have an opportunity to avoid major changes to Internet bandwidth economics.