Artcontext Annual 2008

This assortment of new work offers a characteristic sampling of the kinds of things that I have been making over the past decade. It includes computer-retouched drawings in the form of a calendar, media-critical and political works, and aesthetic experiments with network-based public participation. Once again, issues like extinction and the troubled environment are prominent. Please take a break from the well-traveled roads of the Information Superhighway and veer off into Andyland.

—   Andy Deck

It's animals gone wild! A tale of natural resources and mediated business as usual. It keeps time with furry cuteness. Get a signed calendar delivered for peanuts or print your own for free with the aid of a video tutorial.

Since 1979
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A glimpse of the media protocol power struggle. In the rush to secure and control digital media protocols, corporate culture has done as much to prevent communication as to enable it. This free interpretation of privatized data streams, digital encryption, and encoding mired in secrecy and exclusivity is a premonition of future histories lost in translation. Player Haters Unite!

Mission Accomplished and Election 2.008 brought together people around the United States and the world to share their thoughts about the end of the Bush administration and the start of a new chapter in American politics.   Election 2.008

Simio Mobile   Transnational Temps has launched It relates telephony with environmentalism. Mobile phone manufacturing depends on coltan mining in stressed african habitats. [Transnational Temps] Partnering with various organizations, Simio Mobile seeks to spread awareness of environmental impact using pop sensibilities aimed especially at youth culture.

Tigers! Wildlife Offline was adapted for the Tiger show at the Florentin 45 Contemporary Art gallery using prints and DVD media. Ephemera from this show is for sale in the Artcontext Shop.   Tiger!



For the Continuous Current show in New York City four large posters with animal avatars were produced. They feature contributions from members of Transnational Temps and the general public. These posters can be purchased in the Artcontext Shop.

Surge Cycle was shown in the Jyväskylä Art Museum's 2008 media art exhibition in Finland. It's the second in a serious series begun in 2002. The gestures of the frenetic figures suggest frantic miscommunication — warnings and messages going unheeded. See if you can decode them.   Surge Cycle