2012 Artcontext Annual Review

As humanity cliff dives into a new year that promises an abundance of austerity, it is time once again to review the thrifty confections of Artcontext, 2012. Be it ever so likely that this document lands squarely in a cloud of spam waste, it could stick a landing in the more permissive inboxes of the Free Love netizenry. And while the titans of e-commerce continue to push Art to the periphery of mobile media experience (in favor of categories of interactivity like Personalization, Lifestyle, and Widgets), be forewarned that Artcontext continues to plot a CTRL-ALT-ESCAPE from this death spiral of online aesthetics. Stay tuned temp workers of the packet network, it may be up to you to separate the sheep from the goats.

—   Andy Deck

Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. The 2013 Artcontext 'Crow Sourcing' Calendar can be downloaded for free printing. Or order your own signed, limited edition copy. It's tight as a tick and fine as frogs hair, but it won't last donkey's years. $8.99

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A beastiary of idioms

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Drawing on the public participation, this Crow_Sourcing installation was adapted for the World Wild Web exhibition at the Furtherfield Gallery in London. After scanning creatures and pondering their uses in language, visitors made wall drawings and responded to the hundreds of idioms and expressions. View the photos or contribute to the Net Art version of Crow_Sourcing, made possible by a 2012 commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, with funds from the Jerome Foundation.

The Walter Benjamin Quotations Android app is proof that very few people download apps that feature the ideas of brilliant, dead critical thinkers. What would Benjamin say? Be among the first to find out.   [Walter Benjamin]

[Drawing Circle]   Drawing Circle was a group drawing event on Governor's Island in New York City, led by artists Valérie Hallier and Andy Deck. Beginners and old masters joined in an effort to produce a panoramic visualization of historic Ft. Jay. With support from The Drawing Center and the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

Re«Wild a retrospective of work by the art collective Transnational Temps from 2001-2011 was exhibited in the Galería el Hervidero in Gijón, Spain in April. Heed the recall of the wild!
[Transnational Temps]

[Book]   In case you missed it, 2012 marks the arrival of Artcontext into the arena of crowd sourcing — a new-fangled term for fundraising. So far about 20% of the target has been reached. The goal is to finance the printing and production of a book version of Crow_Sourcing. You'll see why they call it the duck's guts.