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Phagamys orthodon
Mus musculus muralis
Hypnomys morpheus
Hypnomys mahonensis
Thyrrhenicola hanceni
Pitymys bavaricus
Mammothus primigenius
Equus hemionus anatoliensis
Equus ferus silverstris
Prolagus sardus
Prolagus corcianus
Nesiotites similis
Nesiotites corsicanus
Panthera tigris virgaes
Panthera pardus tulliana
Panthera leo europaea
Felis lynx sardiniae
Sinotherium sardus
Canis lupus minor
Canis lupus deiesnus
Hippopoesmus sp.nov
Mecodema punctellum
Candibrervus ropalophorus
Candibrervus rethymnensis
Myotragus balearicus
Capra pyrenaica pyrenaica
Capra pyrenaica lusiesnica
Anthicus antiochensis
Aplothorax bunrchelli
Atelothrus transiens
Blackburnia insignis
Chaetotrechiana kiuchii
Disenochus micantipennis
Ishikawatrechus intermedius
Rangifer esrandus


NOVUS.EXTINCTUS is the first major collaboration of Transnational Temps. Some of the production work for this project was accomplished at the Museo Internacional de Electrografía (MIDE) in Cuenca, Spain, during the summer of 2001.
Fred Adam Artist multimedia
Born in France without any plugin, Fred Adam's meta keywords were very simple at first. If you have ever installed the Real Player plugin in your computer, you may have heard his voice. He is now distributed with every plugin. He says, "Welcome to Real Player Network." He is confident that his voice will survive on the hard disks of humanity and that he will never be truly extinct. He believes that someone clever will someday find a way to start from his "real" voice and deduce and recompose his mouth, teeth, and finally, all of his body and soul from these codes. Currently Fred lives in Spain where he is thinking of drinking the world as a fresh Coke and becoming a super portal as beautiful as a classic painting. He is now 33 and 1/3 keywords old: fitness, sports, cooking, gardening, home decorating, vacations, hotels, adventure travel, investing, stocks, credit cards, nutrition, fitness, life insurance, home buying, home improvement, pets, interior design, cars, computers, books, jewelry, flowers, wine, sports, music, movies, bikes, clothing, electronics, computer games.
French Born 1968
Part of international artistic collective Transnational Temps
Museo Internacional de Electrografía (MIDE) in Spain, Cuenca

Andy Deck Media artist
Andy Deck makes media art. On the Internet his public address system is called It sounds a critical tone at a time when media mergers are portrayed as the emergence of progress. Deck interrupts regular network programming to announce a general sociocultural emergency in progress. His aesthetic program seeks a cultural break from the modernization of passive consumerism. Applying techniques of détournement, parody, and defamiliarization, he engages both the politics and semantics of interactivity. Combining code, text, and image, he demonstrates new patterns of participation and control that distinguish online presence and representation from previous artistic practices.
American Born 1968

Verónica Perales Artista multimedia
Now I'm going fast on my bike in the street. Too fast and bound for a fall. But I'm looking at the shop windows for the reflection of myself. I want to see myself in the context. Everything needs its surrounding to exist. The reflection of myself exists in front of me, the same way that I exist in front of other people that exist in front of the rest of the world. Everyone is looking for proxies of themselves, trying to have an a-proxi-mate idea of what we are. This is the only way that we grasp reality, just smelling, not touching. Sometimes the proxy sensations are strong, and we forget they're not original.

On the bus stop glass, there is a poster with a tiger. (It's a fearsome poster.)

Spanish Born 1974
Member of Transnational Temps
Internacional de Electrografía (MIDE) in Spain, Cuenca