2008 Virtual Residency @ Location One


by andy deck and online voters everywhere

Election 2.008 offered a way for people around the United States and the world to share their thoughts about the end of the Bush administration and the start of a new chapter in American politics. As experienced online, the work consisted of the words "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED?" and a blank rectangle. By using the mouse to click on the letters, the rectangle became a canvas that let visitors draw graffiti over top of the letters. The image was live. Changes made to it were sent to all the people who were simultaneously visiting the website.

demo In addition to being accessible globally via the Internet, Election 2.008 was projected 'live' during the Location One exhibition of its first ever Virtual Residency. From September to November, 2008, the marks each person made online and in the gallery were visible to visitors at Location One. The various states of the evolving image are also preserved as a time-lapse video that convey the metamorphosis of the work's appearance.

For more information about the Virtual Residency, please visit the Location One website. For more work by Andy Deck, please visit Artcontext.