Medi@terra, an annual International Festival of Art and Technology, ran in Athens, Greece from 30 January until 2 February, but is being followed by a conference examining the evolution of digital culture in Greece, on the 13-15 February. Beyond presenting a festival, Medi@terra aims to facilitate creative encounters between individuals and organisations and bring together different art forms. The theme of this year's festival (the sixth) was 'From Text to Hypertext' and included artists such as Mouchette, Antonio Muntadas, Moses Manias, Trafik, Andy Deck, Deena Larsen, Komninos Zervos, Moses Manias, Yujie Zhang, Christos Prossylis, Michel Joyce and Jim Rosenberg. In fact, many of their works can be viewed online. As the theme raises questions around the dynamics of hypertext and the power of the new textual form, it is curious that the design of the Medi@terra web site has rendered the text difficult to read. We hope the conference will yield some more legible results! . - Helen Varley Jamieson