"OUTDOORS: International Digital Art Exhibition"
Andrej Tisma,

An international exhibition of digital art (net.art, video) was opened at the Cultural Center Gallery, Novi Sad, Serbia & Montenegro, October 14. 2004


ANDY DECK (New York)
0100101110101101.ORG (Barcelona)
GENCO GULAN (Istanbul)

External Digital View

In the public, there is an opinion that digital art and Internet are related to closed spaces, rooms, or studios equipped with electronic technology, in a word, it is said that they are something artificial, far from nature and everyday reality, and most often they are called virtual reality. However, digital artists are certainly interested in outside world, nature, landscape, events in street, and this is, in several noticeable examples, shown by this international group from three continents; Andy Deck (New York), Evgenija Demnievska (Paris), 0100101110101101.ORG (Barcelona),and Genco Gulan (Istanbul), in various ways, they, in their digital works, deal with landscape, regardless of whether they use it as a means of social or political engagement, personal expression, or for documentary purposes.

Here you can find some gallery snapshots (left) and the presented works (right).