Works by current students Anton Cabaleiro, Giada Ghiringhelli and Dae Woon Na take a new look at the human body and behavior. Giada Ghiringhelli's series of digital videos interprets the body in motion through the manipulation of video, creating rhythmic compositions.


Alumni Kun-I Chang, Hyo-Jong Chun, John Cinco, Chrissy Conant, Louis DeGena, Youngwoong Jang, Yonsu Kim, Keng Min Liu, Jaeyoon Park, Quimetta Perle and Kristin Skibinski demonstrate a wide range of creative expression and evolution as digital artists. Both Chang’s "Fission" and Jang’s "Mirage", on view here, received Student Academy Awards in 2007.


An intimate view of the creative teaching environment is on view through the works of faculty members Robert Bowen, Andy Deck, Gerald Marks, Federico Muelas and Kurt Ralske. Deck’s "Glyphiti" is a projected time-lapse sequence of images from an online collaborative drawing space. Ralske's four-channel video installation "Times Square Timeshare" explores time and image as experienced in New York City’s Times Square.